Attendee Profile

Looking to sponsor or exhibit at FreedomFest? Below is an in-depth guide on the attendee profile.

Attendees represent a wide range of audiences, including:

        • politically active engaged citizens
        • business owners and entrepreneurs
        • professionals in the legal, accounting and financial worlds
        • retired and semi-retired people
        • teachers, scholars and professors
        • students (undergrad and grad)
        • homemakers
        • politicians and political professionals
        • non-profit and think tank staff

Attendees run the gamut from libertarians, conservatives, constitutionalists, independents and social progressives. They are highly educated, active and motivated to engage with exhibitors. Many attendees are high-wealth individuals looking to invest and donate. Attendees are book buyers and tend to be pro-hard money.

FreedomFest is a big tent event, and we invite attendees with alternative views to participate. We are seeing a growing number of diverse students and young people in attendance at FreedomFest each year.

In our post-conference surveys, these topics came up as most important to our attendees:


concern for future


civil rights
precious metals
libertarian principles


making a difference
engaging with think tanks
meeting people

Become a Sponsor

Contact Valerie Durham, Executive Director, or Ned Piplovic, Exhibitor Liaison, at [email protected] or call 855-850-3733 ext 203 to discuss your sponsorship at FreedomFest.